Studio Wilson Copp

Giles Wilson Copp

Giles Wilson-Copp — Founder

How did you come to furniture design and making?

Both my parents are artists and as a child my brothers and I were always encouraged to make and create things. After studying Contemporary Art at Nottingham Trent University and working as a sessions musician for DIY Sound System, I rediscovered a passion for design and making. In 2004 I completed a City and Guilds joinery course and then spent a year working as an apprentice for Martin Grierson, a master cabinet maker. In 2007 I completed an HND in design and realisation at London Metropolitan University where my final project, the SmartBoard went on to win 100% Futures at New Designers (2007) and the Young Designer's Award at the Homes and Gardens Classic Design Awards (2008).

What is your underlying work philosophy?

I set up Studio Wilson Copp with the aim of creating innovative, responsible, quality designs. Too many clients tell me of their bad experiences when commissioning custom made pieces and my obsessive attention to detail, passion and hands on approach ensures that my clients are always happy with the end result.

What is your favourite type of project?

I do enjoy pushing ordinary design to its limits. My pieces do not just solve a problem, they also enhance their environment in an innovative way. I use smart structure to create illusion, complexity to make things simple.